Fic Master Post

Missing Jared: Jeff/Jensen, Jared/Jensen - 47k Master post
Jensen is trying to get his life back on track

Side by Side in Orbit: Jared/Jensen 5836
War prize trope

Green: Jared/Jensen 1345
Jensen is an eco-terrorist and Jared is his nemesis

The Sidewinder Sleeps in a Coil: Jared/Jensen 2400
Jensen is an eco-terrorist and Jared is his nemesis..or is he?

Do Us a Faber: Jared/Jensen 2836
Jared and Jensen are frat buddies enjoying college life. Animal House with a J2 twist

Cirque du Mauvais: Jared/Jensen 6810
Jensen’s not the man he once was. It used to be him and Jared on the static trapeze, moving in a sinuous and erotic dance. Now he’s lucky if he can make it downstairs without too much pain.

Meeting People is Easy: Jared/Jensen 12k
Jensen thought he was the luckiest sub until he was cut loose but every cloud has a silver lining, and this one wears leather pants.

Standing on the Edge: Jared/Jensen 4k
Jensen’s been let down by his long term boyfriend in the worst possible way

High and Dry: Jared/Jensen, Jeff/Jensen 33k
Breeder trope

Bruises that won't Heal:Jared/Jensen (main), Chris/Jensen, Dani/Jensen Jensen's life changes irrevocably

Goodbye doesn't Mean Forever:Jared/JensenThe Goodbye Girl featuring Jared and Jensen

The First Cut is the Deepest:Jeff/Jensen, Jeff/Jared and J3Contains infidelity and characters acting in a way you probably won't like

Fractured Jared/Jensen Paralysed Jared, read the warnings

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Compulsion - Masterpost


Fic title:Compulsion
Author name: rankwriter
Artist name: apocalipskiss
Genre: rps
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17
Word count: 20k
Warnings: Dub con
Summary: Jensen was stolen as a child and held in an institute. He is primed to be the sex toy of a rich man. He has a chip implanted in his neck, which will control his behavior, make him fall in love with his master, and do whatever his master wants. A bracelet that the master wears controls this chip. Things don’t go according to plan, as a fire at the institute allows Jensen to escape on the eve of his graduation. Meanwhile Jared’s father dies and he leaves his son a watch in his will, the watch has an unusual, bracelet like strap.

Link to art: Art

Introduction || Part 1
|| Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4
|| Part 5 Part 6 || Part 7


Beta'd by the inimitable lotrspnfangirl I have subsequently fiddled, so all mistakes are mine.

Even if you don't read the story, go and look at the art, it's fabulous. Thanks to my wonderful, talented artist, apocalipskiss, she is brilliant!

Thanks also to wendy for running this challenge again, sorry for getting my posting date wrong!