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Fic Master Post

Missing Jared: Jeff/Jensen, Jared/Jensen - 47k Master post
Jensen is trying to get his life back on track

Side by Side in Orbit: Jared/Jensen 5836
War prize trope

Green: Jared/Jensen 1345
Jensen is an eco-terrorist and Jared is his nemesis

The Sidewinder Sleeps in a Coil: Jared/Jensen 2400
Jensen is an eco-terrorist and Jared is his nemesis..or is he?

Do Us a Faber: Jared/Jensen 2836
Jared and Jensen are frat buddies enjoying college life. Animal House with a J2 twist

Cirque du Mauvais: Jared/Jensen 6810
Jensen’s not the man he once was. It used to be him and Jared on the static trapeze, moving in a sinuous and erotic dance. Now he’s lucky if he can make it downstairs without too much pain.

Meeting People is Easy: Jared/Jensen 12k
Jensen thought he was the luckiest sub until he was cut loose but every cloud has a silver lining, and this one wears leather pants.

Standing on the Edge: Jared/Jensen 4k
Jensen’s been let down by his long term boyfriend in the worst possible way

High and Dry: Jared/Jensen, Jeff/Jensen 33k
Breeder trope

Bruises that won't Heal:Jared/Jensen (main), Chris/Jensen, Dani/Jensen Jensen's life changes irrevocably

Goodbye doesn't Mean Forever:Jared/JensenThe Goodbye Girl featuring Jared and Jensen

The First Cut is the Deepest:Jeff/Jensen, Jeff/Jared and J3Contains infidelity and characters acting in a way you probably won't like

Fractured Jared/Jensen Paralysed Jared, read the warnings

If anyone wants any PDF's etc you can also find me on AO3

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